October 07, 2016

hello october

October is already here, the year is nearly over! The weather is getting steadily colder day by day, so I'm writing this all wrapped up with the heater on full blast - not that it seems to be making much of a difference! The windows in my new room (although it feels more like an apartment due to it being very loft-like!) are huge, and although they let in loads of light, they also let out a lot of heat. The oil heater alone is just not gonna cut it. I need to find a plug-in portable fan heater, ASAP.

As I've recently returned to university for my Masters year (studying Interior Architecture & Design), I've been quite busy moving, decorating (although I still have a long way to go with that), and making sure I don't starve. I'm not sure how often I'll be able to post on this blog throughout the year, but to my dear readers, please be very sympathetic! I hope I won't get too busy but you never know. If I manage to post twice a month at least, I'll be happy.

In other news, I have started another blog (yes, I know), as a requirement for my course is to keep a regular design based blog (which is what this was supposed to be!!) However, the blog my new tutors wanted us to keep had to be done on wix.com, which is why I couldn't just use this blog. Anyway, this is a personal blog, whereas the other is solely going to be based on projects we do throughout the year and feature case studies and designer spotlights/ research into design.

Check it out here: http://salomeyd.wixsite.com/mastersiadblog

I may actually post on there more regularly than I do on here, but I'll try to keep it even Stevens. Anyway, enjoy the pictures. These are from my phone, when I get time to upload my DSLR camera pics I will and will do another post for them... Pics from around the uni campus below...

My beloved Nottingham!! Bottom pic is SOOC (proud of my little phone for getting such a good image!)

Music I've Been Loving Recently

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