September 16, 2016

before the autumn

So once more I say 'bonjour' to the world of blogging. It's been a while.

I could count how many times I've started, quit, re-started and continually reinvented my blog over the years, but it's better to just let sleeping dogs lie, right? As of late I've been perusing blogs again, many I literally haven't been on for years (well, at least 3 or 4 years!), and it's interesting to see how many blogs have either quit and dropped off the pace, or have become even more incredible than before.

I don't know why I've failed to keep up with blogging in the past. I guess it was a culmination of things - the title of the blog was just not right (this space used to be called 'tea and solitude'), or I could never make a header that I liked, I didn't know what to post, and when I did post I felt like I was trying too hard... In the end, life, I guess, is the reason I stopped altogether.

Well, I hope that this newest endeavor will not end up as another dud, but will be a success and a real, true, photo journal of sorts of life, experiences and thoughts. I hope whoever finds this blog will enjoy it, as I enjoy reading and catching up on others blogs (no pressure then huh)?

My approach this time around is to be a lot more casual, to stop giving myself a hard time and overthinking what I post. I want to enjoy blogging as much as I hope readers will enjoy reading! And I think, if it wasn't in me to blog, why would I keep trying? I'll get it right, eventually :)

The above image was taken a few summers ago with my old Olympus Trip 35 point and shoot film camera. It's one of my favourites. Looking at it makes me want to get the camera out, blow the dust off it and find more of life's snapshot moments.

Blogger, I hope I'm here to stay. Guess this blog is aptly named after all! Welcome to 'The Peace Experiment', the blogger experiment.


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