September 22, 2016

autumn favourites

Autumn has officially arrived, and with it a few of my personal autumn favourites - layering (!!! at long last), autumnal colours, leaves falling off the trees, cosy days, rainy days and plenty of plaid. Yes, plaid. Tartan if you're Scottish. (Notice no mention of pumpkins?)

I've been busy pinning (as always - follow me on Pinterest? Yes!) and have realised a trend in my 'clothing related' pins, and thought I'd share, 'cause why not?

I've been dying to try that bleached denim skirt look as styled above on Kerti Pahk. I've a dark denim A-line skirt which I really want to try the bleached look on as a DIY. (If I do it, I'll def. post an OOTD wearing it!) And I've also a denim pinafore which needs some more gentle ombre updating with a little bleach and water.

My autumn eyes seem to be drawing me to cosy plaid flannel shirts, loooots of them (charity shops I'm coming for you) and the infinite number of ways they can be styled. Did you know they even make gorgeously comfortable skirts? I DIDN'T. I wish this is something I had found out earlier, because once I tried it, I LOVED IT. Then I proceeded to try out the 'shirt-skirt' with a bunch of different shirts, naturally... I figured out the ingredient to a great 'shirt-skirt' consist of a plaid flannel shirt (of course), preferrably a cosy large (Medium-Large) mens shirt from a charity shop somewhere.

I'm also loving the fact that soon I'll be able to wear my chunky knit sweaters again (still quite warm in the UK despite nearing October now).

Other autumn faves/wants? Corduroy dungaree style dresses, velvet, chunky sweaters, bleached denim denim denim, white platform sneakers, black Creepers, lovely warm (tastefully) cropped sweaters paired with high-waisted skater skirts, plaid/check skater dresses, mustard highlights, berets, peter pan collars, little black dresses and baby-doll silhouettes.

I'm definitely someone who loves the above sort of looks all year round if I'm honest. I'm not such a polished, dressed up kinda gal, my style is a lot more comfortable, slouchy, verging on grunge (I loved grunge to death when I was younger, now not so much). I'm not one for trends really. I don't care what's in fashion and what's not, I fell off that bandwagon a while ago. I wear what I like & what appeals to me, although being a Christian I stick to modest hemlines, skirts and dresses - absolutely no problem for me as I tend to love wearing feminine silhouettes. 

What else have I been doing this week beside pinning?

Packing! Getting all my things together ready to go back down to Nottingham for a new university year. Only this time, it's a Masters degree, and I have no idea what to expect. So for once, I'm not feeling stressed AT ALL (which is awesome!). I worked so hard last year and, whilst I achieved a first class for the hard graft (by God's grace too), I also was SOOOO overworked (say that in a Liverpudlian accent), and realised, it's just not worth it. Well it is, but it's not. Get what I mean? Probably not, but hey.

No, this year I just feel ready. Ready to meet my new flatmates. Ready to see what projects and challenges I'll be working on. Ready to tackle projects, dissertations, document, models, and whatever else is gonna be thrown my way. Ready to take things at an easier, slower pace because life is so much more than WORK. And if you stress out yourself to death (literal death) then it would all have been for nothing. Just have to get the balance right, yeah?

EDIT: I now realise why I'm not at all worried about the upcoming year. It's because I see it as more of a formality - something I just need to do to get the official qualification to be able to work in Interiors as a real designer without any questions being asked. As an official pass to be able to do what I love - design. That's why this year feels different to when I went back for my final year. All 4 years of my degree were riding on that final year. There was pressure to make that 80% count. But I went out there. I got my first. Now, to avoid being stuck doing detailing and Technologist stuff all day (not slating Technologists but details do NOT float my boat, they stress me out!) , I'm doing this 1 year degree so I can go out to do what I really want to do and really enjoy doing. Designing and creating rather than just turning someone else's designs into reality.

Anyway, after that mini pep-talk, I'm ready for the best final year of uni of my life! 'Cause I'm definitely done with education after this. Onwards & upwards y'all.

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