November 12, 2016

norwegian timelapse adventure

Beautiful place. Faultless country (the natural side and architectural).

volcanoes & viewing platforms

Mirador Shalalá - Quilotoa, Ecuador from JAG Studio on Vimeo.

This viewing platform in Quilotoa Ecuador, overlooks Mirado Shalala, a pool within an active volcano. Such a dreamy garden-spot in the earth. Bucket list of must visit places? I think so!

november rains

How cool is this? Liquid architecture is a thing!

The link has a lot of cool examples of liquid architecture!!

(Sorry I've been gone a while. I post a lot more on my Masters IAD blog!!
Link: )

October 07, 2016


So I've been thinking of ways to improve my sketching/ drawing skills - and I think one of the ways to start would be to start drawing for almost everything. Including note taking - don't just write note, sketch-note instead. Make the notes more visual and interesting to look back on. I used to do that alot but now I have kinda stopped. I think it'll be good practise if I start again. And if I teach myself typographical writing again...

I love this guide (Image below is from the guide).

Since starting sketching more frequently (for a uni project), I've become so much more interested in all sorts of pens and types of paper too. My sketching skills at the moment are not too good because I've been very lazy in the past few months, but when I was younger if I drew and sketched a lot my skills rapidly improved, so hopefully it will be the same now and I'll be back up in the skill level.

The right pen can help or hurt though! So I've spent about £20 on new pens ordered from Amazon (haha... OK about £30) and literally can't wait to try them out!!!

So far I've only got my biro's and black Sharpie fine point felt tip to draw with, but I don't think these are very good drawing mediums as the line for the biro is not fluid enough and the Sharpie fine point is still too heavy at about 1mm thick. The pens I've ordered range from 0.7mm to 0.3mm, so hopefully this will produce results I am happier with!! (At the moment, I'm not impressed by my sketches :/) I'll get good practise this afternoon as I brainstorm ideas for my third project of the course - we got real busy real quick!!!)

Below are my tests of the different pens I have at the moment...

In case you didn't know, I have started a second blog over on, which I reckon I'll be blogging a lot more on - although I will probably update this one from time to time with more personable posts. The blog records my MA Interior  Architecture & Design journey, projects and ideas I have over the year will be posted on there.

Check it out here if you haven't already! :)

hello october

October is already here, the year is nearly over! The weather is getting steadily colder day by day, so I'm writing this all wrapped up with the heater on full blast - not that it seems to be making much of a difference! The windows in my new room (although it feels more like an apartment due to it being very loft-like!) are huge, and although they let in loads of light, they also let out a lot of heat. The oil heater alone is just not gonna cut it. I need to find a plug-in portable fan heater, ASAP.

As I've recently returned to university for my Masters year (studying Interior Architecture & Design), I've been quite busy moving, decorating (although I still have a long way to go with that), and making sure I don't starve. I'm not sure how often I'll be able to post on this blog throughout the year, but to my dear readers, please be very sympathetic! I hope I won't get too busy but you never know. If I manage to post twice a month at least, I'll be happy.

In other news, I have started another blog (yes, I know), as a requirement for my course is to keep a regular design based blog (which is what this was supposed to be!!) However, the blog my new tutors wanted us to keep had to be done on, which is why I couldn't just use this blog. Anyway, this is a personal blog, whereas the other is solely going to be based on projects we do throughout the year and feature case studies and designer spotlights/ research into design.

Check it out here:

I may actually post on there more regularly than I do on here, but I'll try to keep it even Stevens. Anyway, enjoy the pictures. These are from my phone, when I get time to upload my DSLR camera pics I will and will do another post for them... Pics from around the uni campus below...

My beloved Nottingham!! Bottom pic is SOOC (proud of my little phone for getting such a good image!)

Music I've Been Loving Recently

September 22, 2016

autumn favourites

Autumn has officially arrived, and with it a few of my personal autumn favourites - layering (!!! at long last), autumnal colours, leaves falling off the trees, cosy days, rainy days and plenty of plaid. Yes, plaid. Tartan if you're Scottish. (Notice no mention of pumpkins?)

I've been busy pinning (as always - follow me on Pinterest? Yes!) and have realised a trend in my 'clothing related' pins, and thought I'd share, 'cause why not?

I've been dying to try that bleached denim skirt look as styled above on Kerti Pahk. I've a dark denim A-line skirt which I really want to try the bleached look on as a DIY. (If I do it, I'll def. post an OOTD wearing it!) And I've also a denim pinafore which needs some more gentle ombre updating with a little bleach and water.

My autumn eyes seem to be drawing me to cosy plaid flannel shirts, loooots of them (charity shops I'm coming for you) and the infinite number of ways they can be styled. Did you know they even make gorgeously comfortable skirts? I DIDN'T. I wish this is something I had found out earlier, because once I tried it, I LOVED IT. Then I proceeded to try out the 'shirt-skirt' with a bunch of different shirts, naturally... I figured out the ingredient to a great 'shirt-skirt' consist of a plaid flannel shirt (of course), preferrably a cosy large (Medium-Large) mens shirt from a charity shop somewhere.

I'm also loving the fact that soon I'll be able to wear my chunky knit sweaters again (still quite warm in the UK despite nearing October now).

Other autumn faves/wants? Corduroy dungaree style dresses, velvet, chunky sweaters, bleached denim denim denim, white platform sneakers, black Creepers, lovely warm (tastefully) cropped sweaters paired with high-waisted skater skirts, plaid/check skater dresses, mustard highlights, berets, peter pan collars, little black dresses and baby-doll silhouettes.

I'm definitely someone who loves the above sort of looks all year round if I'm honest. I'm not such a polished, dressed up kinda gal, my style is a lot more comfortable, slouchy, verging on grunge (I loved grunge to death when I was younger, now not so much). I'm not one for trends really. I don't care what's in fashion and what's not, I fell off that bandwagon a while ago. I wear what I like & what appeals to me, although being a Christian I stick to modest hemlines, skirts and dresses - absolutely no problem for me as I tend to love wearing feminine silhouettes. 

What else have I been doing this week beside pinning?

Packing! Getting all my things together ready to go back down to Nottingham for a new university year. Only this time, it's a Masters degree, and I have no idea what to expect. So for once, I'm not feeling stressed AT ALL (which is awesome!). I worked so hard last year and, whilst I achieved a first class for the hard graft (by God's grace too), I also was SOOOO overworked (say that in a Liverpudlian accent), and realised, it's just not worth it. Well it is, but it's not. Get what I mean? Probably not, but hey.

No, this year I just feel ready. Ready to meet my new flatmates. Ready to see what projects and challenges I'll be working on. Ready to tackle projects, dissertations, document, models, and whatever else is gonna be thrown my way. Ready to take things at an easier, slower pace because life is so much more than WORK. And if you stress out yourself to death (literal death) then it would all have been for nothing. Just have to get the balance right, yeah?

EDIT: I now realise why I'm not at all worried about the upcoming year. It's because I see it as more of a formality - something I just need to do to get the official qualification to be able to work in Interiors as a real designer without any questions being asked. As an official pass to be able to do what I love - design. That's why this year feels different to when I went back for my final year. All 4 years of my degree were riding on that final year. There was pressure to make that 80% count. But I went out there. I got my first. Now, to avoid being stuck doing detailing and Technologist stuff all day (not slating Technologists but details do NOT float my boat, they stress me out!) , I'm doing this 1 year degree so I can go out to do what I really want to do and really enjoy doing. Designing and creating rather than just turning someone else's designs into reality.

Anyway, after that mini pep-talk, I'm ready for the best final year of uni of my life! 'Cause I'm definitely done with education after this. Onwards & upwards y'all.

September 17, 2016

happy weekend!

How awesome are these watercolour paintings? They're by an artist from Indonesia called Luqman Reza Mulyono. Find more amazing illustrations on his website:

This inspires me to work on my sketching and drawing even more than I have been (which is hardly at all unfortunately...). It's about time I picked up a pencil again and improved my own skills. I may post some sketches I did in the past and 1 or 2 I did more recently later on.

I don't really have a problem with still life or animals or anime, what I found that I really struggle with is realistic portrait drawing. I would love to improve in that field as it bugs me that I can never draw a realistic looking person. Anyone else have this issue?

I watched a few YouTube videos on it and it looks like it's all in the initial structuring, the framework lines have to be in the right places, then the features, then it's all about how the drawing is shaded. I never thought of it that way but it makes perfect sense now - I hope with a little practice I'll be able to post portraits I'm proud of!

Have a great weekend all!

September 16, 2016

film forays

Decided to post a few more snapshots from that summer. I think it was the summer of 2013. All also shot on film using the Olympus Trip 35. And all urging me to take the Trip out of hiding and put it back into good use again. Sigh.

Image 3: Leeds city skyline. The city has changed so much in such a short time, that I feel like doing a photo series on the changes to the city I once knew, to what it is now. Could turn out interesting. Having been in Nottingham the majority of the time in the past few years, it feels like every time I come back home something has changed. Everything is shifting.

before the autumn

So once more I say 'bonjour' to the world of blogging. It's been a while.

I could count how many times I've started, quit, re-started and continually reinvented my blog over the years, but it's better to just let sleeping dogs lie, right? As of late I've been perusing blogs again, many I literally haven't been on for years (well, at least 3 or 4 years!), and it's interesting to see how many blogs have either quit and dropped off the pace, or have become even more incredible than before.

I don't know why I've failed to keep up with blogging in the past. I guess it was a culmination of things - the title of the blog was just not right (this space used to be called 'tea and solitude'), or I could never make a header that I liked, I didn't know what to post, and when I did post I felt like I was trying too hard... In the end, life, I guess, is the reason I stopped altogether.

Well, I hope that this newest endeavor will not end up as another dud, but will be a success and a real, true, photo journal of sorts of life, experiences and thoughts. I hope whoever finds this blog will enjoy it, as I enjoy reading and catching up on others blogs (no pressure then huh)?

My approach this time around is to be a lot more casual, to stop giving myself a hard time and overthinking what I post. I want to enjoy blogging as much as I hope readers will enjoy reading! And I think, if it wasn't in me to blog, why would I keep trying? I'll get it right, eventually :)

The above image was taken a few summers ago with my old Olympus Trip 35 point and shoot film camera. It's one of my favourites. Looking at it makes me want to get the camera out, blow the dust off it and find more of life's snapshot moments.

Blogger, I hope I'm here to stay. Guess this blog is aptly named after all! Welcome to 'The Peace Experiment', the blogger experiment.